Ojarna is created by Can Jarna Ozturk. A world citizen...

Ojarna is born out of her passion towards distant lands, cultures, spiritual explorations and art. This project is her personal journey where she likes to share her values and taste of life.

The idea was conceived during her travels to tribal villages around the globe and came to life among vibrations of ceremony, rituals and sacred connections with peoples of the world.

CanJarna born in Şırnak with a wow to Veysel Karani Tomb and spent her childhood in Mardin with different ethnic groups around. After having a degree in International Relations, she continued her education at UC Berkeley, on marketing and concept design.

After having a career as a senior manager and creative director for 13 years, she had a call in her hearth, for another way of living and being. She started travelling the world in 2005. She had meditation trainings on various spritual paths, with leading teachers and masters. She then studied art and cultural anthropology in Canada. And initiated her project: OJARNA, as a synthesis of the experience and knowhow she accumulated in her journey.

She designs, recycles and creates the first drafts of the OJARNA and contributes to the whole production process, living in the villages around the world, with the locals sharing their daily lives.

CanJarna, embodies both the barefoot gypsy spirit and the sophisticated urban woman inside. Therefore, Ojarna is the manifestation of the unity of these seemingly contradictory sides in her soul.

Run through the hidden lands,
Dive into the huge waterfall,
Play in the wild jungle,
Let the feral fire burn,
Let the blaze glow,
And embrace the life.

Dance through the flames,
As rising heat awakens your spirit,
Colors brighten your view,
And fragnances caress your skin.

Its you.
Your unique self.